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Master Rug Cleaning in Putney SW15

A service dedicated to the cleaning and care of every rug type out there, even the most exotic of oriental, Persian and Turkish rugs. We offer a dedicated rug cleaning services in Putney SW15, Wandsworth that can guarantee clean results every time.

With a full, comprehensive insurance and a skilled team of cleaners you can feel safe knowing that your rugs will be in capable hands.

If you are interested in knowing more about the services and what I has to offer you, give our team over at 020 3746 8217 a call.

Benefits of professional rug cleaning in Putney, Wandsworth

Rug Cleaning PutneyWith so many rug types and materials used in their making, one cannot be certain which type of treatment is right, leave it to our team of experts to determine and administer the proper treatment as to minimize the chances of damage. With us you will enjoy:

  • Perfectly clean rugs
  • More vivid, fresh colours
  • No more stale smells
  • Full dirt and dust removal
  • No more dust motes infestations

Service details

Dry cleaning – is what we use for the treatment of those expensive, delicate rugs that need special attention and care. Because this service does not use water or heat as a cleaning mechanic it is safe to use on the more demanding rug textiles like silk, cotton and satin. It instead utilizes the cleaning capabilities of our granulated detergent that gently but efficiently removes dust, stains and odours from the delicate fibers of your rugs. To apply it properly, we hoover them use a fine brush to imbed it into the fibers then wait 15 minutes for it to react with the stains. It is then extracted using a powerful vacuum cleaner then stored in a safe container.

Steam cleaning – is a very effective cleaning technique used not only for rug, but also other various materials. Because of its cleaning power and no compromises approach, this is used on extremely hard to remove stains such as tar, paint and asphalt, not meaning that it cannot be utilised for lesser, easier to remove problems. Best used on synthetic and woolen rugs, this procedure produces clean results in a matter of seconds. You are left with a clean, deodorised rug that can be used straight away.

Booking our expert services

We’ve made it even more convenient for you took book our Putney SW15, Wandsworth rug cleaning services, by placing a quick call at 020 3746 8217 you will not only get access to our premium service, but also receive a free quote and 24/7 customer support, we will patiently address all of your concerns and questions at the best of our abilities.