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A rating of our services

Reviewed by Petar Ivanovic on May 8, 2015

I would give this service a 5/5 if there was an evaluation scale anywhere on this site, because they managed to clean what I though was an impossible to remove stain. It racked some tar into the house on the granite floor and though it was ruined for good, but they somehow managed to remove it without any marks or damage, great work!

A rating of our services

Reviewed by Greg Nelson on Apr 29, 2015

Being in the business sector I can appetite how valuable time is. I was looking for a time efficient cleaning company that could clean my house while I was away at work and found this company. I called and they said that despite the odd hours, there would be no issue with cleaning. We arranged a drop of and pick up place for the house keys and I have been happy with their work ever since. Haven’t noticed anything missing, but rather find a tidy, clean place whenever I come home.

A rating of our services

Reviewed by Shaun Winchester on Apr 3, 2015

It’s really hard to find a good, reliable cleaning service nowadays, luckily my mother found this company through a friend of hers and we have been using them ever since. A very understanding team, good friendly and above all else, helpful customer service that really gave us a hand and helped us understand what ever we asked. They have been a bit late on several occasions, however, I can attest that traffic around my area can get a bit hectic so I understand. Great service overall!

A rating of our services

Reviewed by Alison Blea on Aug 29, 2014

I was moving flower pots from the garden to the inside of the house so they don’t freeze from the morning dew, my cat walked in front of me and I dropped one of the pots on the carpet, shattering on impact and spilling all of its contents. I hoovered and got rid of most of the dirt, but the shaggy living room carpet can hold in a lot of dirt. I called these guys, explained what happened and was recommended a quick dry cleaning procedure. I scheduled one the same day, the came and cleaning it as if nothing ever happened, the best part is – it didn’t cost me extra for the short notice scheduling. Great work, fantastic service, would definitely drop more pots now.

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