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Frequently Asked Questions

A: If left unaided it can take anywhere between 2-3 hours for a carpet that has been steam cleaned to dry out. However, in a well ventilated room or with the aid of our air movers, the drying time is cut dramatically to under an hour.

A: This is a part of our flexibility policy, allowing customers to exchange services they no longer need, but have already booked for services that they do want and need. In order for this to work, however, the services to be exchanged need to be of equal value. Call our team for a full list of exchange options.

A: This regulation is in place to ensure that the minim cost of sending out a cleaning crew is covered. There are cases where we can wave this decision, however, a manager needs to be informed for this to happen.

A: For such cases we use a wide catalog of bio-degradable and eco-friendly detergents that guarantee the proper cleaning of your property, without going in the way of your way of life of endangering you in any way. When booking us, please specify your allergies so we can make sure there are no traces of triggering allergens in the products we we’ll use in your instance.