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Superb Curtain Cleaning in Putney SW15

Curtain Cleaning PutneyFor the best curtain and drapery cleaning in Putney, Wandsworth, call us right now. All of our cleaners have been trained by the leading provider of cleaning supplies and machines Prochem, certified for working on every curtain and drapery type out there. To cover the complex composition of the different types of textiles, we utilise over 50 specialised bio-degradable detergents, to not only deliver the desired results, but also keep you safe. Give our team a call at 020 3746 8217 to book a service or request a free quote. Learn more about our special discounts.

 Benefits of Booking Curtain Cleaning in Putney SW15

With a service like ours that covers every aspect o drapery care and cleaning, you will notice a lack of dust, no more stains, sunlight colour protection as well as:

  • Reduction in allergen levels
  • Better smelling curtains
  • More vivid colours
  • Softer textiles
  • Rejuvenated drapery fibers

Service Information

Dry cleaning – is suitable for the more gentle materials that require extra care and are susceptible to heat and water damage and can shrink from the excess heat or moisture. We use this dry compound treatment for cases of over saturated surfaces that need cleaning, because it not only removes the moisture but also acts as a cleaning agent that ensures the absolute spotlessness of every curtain type out there. Great on synthetic and natural fibered curtains, the dry detergents we use have a wide range of effects and specialise in the cleaning of different types of stains, from food colouring to coffee and tea spills and even blood and urine.

Steam cleaning – to properly clean the affected area we first vacuum clean it to remove any contaminants, then treat for stains and other marks and then utilise our mobile steam making machine which does not require for the dismantling of curtains making it a very flexible choice. To clean everything away, including nasty stains, we run the machine over the affected area extracting 95% of the moisture used along with all of the accumulated dirt. The remaining moisture will quickly dissipate into the surrounding air, more quickly so in better ventilated rooms or with an open window.

Booking Curtain Cleaning in Putney, Wandsworth

Easily book our expert services by calling 020 3746 8217 or submitting a booking form on this Putney, Wandsworth site. Our 24/7 customer care team will take care of the booking and make sure to set you up with a convenient for you time and date slot. Ask any questions by phone or even more conveniently in our instant chat room which you can join even now.